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The Batch Ingest feature is how files are uploaded to AMP. To use the Batch Ingest, you will need to create a batch manifest in CSV format, and then upload it to AMP on the Batch Ingest page. All the files in the batch manifest first need to be uploaded to their respective collection's subfolder in the dropbox via an SFTP client; the Batch Ingest will fail if a file is not found in the expected dropbox subfolder. Detailed instructions for how to upload files to a dropbox using a tool like Cyberduck or WinSCP or Cyberduck can be found here.  It is highly recommended that users use Cyberduck, as it has built-in integration with Google Drive.

Batch manifests must conform to a specific format for the batch to be properly ingested. The following are the column names required for a batch manifest (note that some of these are optional):