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If your journal is set up to assign DOIs to each article, go to the Identifiers tab and click the "Assign" button next to the DOI field. The identifier will auto-populate using the DOI "recipe" of Volume, Issue, and/or ID defined in the DOI plugin settings. If you receive an error that a DOI cannot be assigned, additional details can be found on this guide's DOI page. 

You will not be able to edit information in the Publication tab once the issue this article has been scheduled for publication. If you do need to make changes to an article that has already been published, you have two options:

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Unpublishing will simply move the article out of the published issue. Once you make any changes, select "Schedule for Publication" once more to reassign the article to the issue, or add it to a new issue. Since the article was previously published, it will ensure you want to keep the original publication date or DOI:

You will need to head to the Identifiers/DOIs tab and the Issue tab if you wish to change this information before publishing once more.

Our system now supports versioning of articles. Creating a new version will create an identical record to your current publication, but allow you to make any changes while ensuring the original article remains intact. This method can be useful if you need to make serious textual changes or a retraction, and want to keep the original version up for the sake of transparency. Once the new item is created, it will use the same submission dashboard: you will now have the ability to switch between the different Versions, visible next to the Publication Status of the item.