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The Dashboard allows users both to find files that have already been submitted to a workflow, as well as track the progress of files in a workflow. It contains a fairly robust search feature that allows users to filter results in a multifaceted manner, as well as sort the results. The Dashboard by default displays all job steps by date in descending order, though you are able to sort by any column ascending or descending. Users are additionally able to export the data displayed on the Dashboard as a CSV file for easier analysis in software outside of AMP.

The attributes you are able to filter by are as follows:

  • Date (filter uses a date range)
  • Submitter
  • Collection
  • Item
  • Primaryfile
  • Workflow
  • Step
  • Status

You are able to sort by all of these attributes as well, in addition to External Source, External ID, and Output.

The search function (either the main search bar or within the filters) works slightly differently than what may be expected (and, crucially, differently than the search function on the Workflow Submission page). Like many search functions, it will return suggestions (of existing files already submitted to a workflow) to you; unlike many search functions, you must select one of these suggestions, as the search function currently does not return partial matches. 

Each workflow step has a status indicator to let you keep track of what is done, what is currently processing, what is waiting to be processed, and what has failed. The workflow steps are color-coded for easy readability. The color coding is as follows:

  • Scheduled: Blue
  • In Progress: Yellow
  • Paused: Orange
  • Error: Red
  • Complete: Green
  • Deleted: Grey

As many of the workflow steps are routed to either a local (to IU's Carbonate computing cluster) or cloud-based (Amazon Web Services, Azure) machine to undergo processing via the selected machine learning algorithm, it can occasionally take some time for a file to start processing, since it is sharing resources with many other jobs in a queue. Do not worry if this is the case, and a step is in Scheduled for a while: it is most likely waiting to process. This is especially the case with workflow steps sent to Carbonate, as it can occasionally take a few hours depending on what is ahead of it in Carbonate's queue. If a step fails, it will turn red and the status indicator will say "Error." All subsequent steps will then be set to "Paused," in orange. As with items failing to be submitted to a workflow, please let AMPPD staff know if this occurs, as they can figure out precisely what went wrong.