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  • Michael McFarlin - Oberlin
  • Josh Westgard - UMD

Meeting Notes

  • Is it possible to hotlink out of resource description fields?
    • Yes, via the "Related Item" field
    • UMD has done custom work to have hyperlinks in the notes field as well
  • Oberlin has an issue—supplemental files not being found and error returned instead
    • Michael will put info into the Avalon Slack channel
  • Josh reports that UMD is working on file retrieval
    • moving media files from the dropbox into another storage area ("streaming masters")
    • custom development at UMD to reuse Avalon security tokens for streams for file downloads
    • they also want the ability to manage authorizations, token for two week period, and creating the ability to manage and create tokens
    • curator can download at any time, but can generate a token for others for a limited time download
    • UMD is interested in contributing this back once it's completed
  • UMD has good experience with AP Trust for preservation