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  1. Migrate all collections in current OAI provider to use MODS 3.23
  2. Add MODS records from Fedora-based collections into the current OAI provider
  3. Fix problems with Wright American Fiction and Victorian Women Writers, then add them to the existing OAI provider
  4. Move all objects to the Fedora OAI provider. (If the items are not actually present in Fedora yet, metadata-only records may be imported for this purpose.)

To Do list
MARC records for text collections: Wright, VWWP
Upgrades needed by OAI set
Requirements for implementation of optional parts of the OAI protocol for a new data provider for the DLP.

Sample OAI requests



Modifications to existing objects

  • Add a isMemberOf iudl:isMemberOfSet relationship to their RELS-EXT datastreams
    • We're using this namespace xmlns:iudl=""
  • Add a schemaLocation to the descriptive metadata records (MODS, DC and if exists, MARC)
  • Define disseminators for items that can return a specific version of a metadata format (e.g. getMODS?version=3.2, etc.)
    • This needs some more research
    • Details of multiple versions of metadata formats will need to be discussed.