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  • MODS and Asset Actions Workshop Agenda

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  1. Introduction to MODS guidelines (5 minutes) (Jenn Riley)
  2. Introduction to Asset Actions (15 minutes) (Jon Dunn)
    • Asset Actions concept
    • Current status
    • Action groups
    • Relationship to OAI-ORE (Tim Cole)
  3. Introduce hands-on exercises and the MODS/Asset Actions Explorer tool (Jenn Riley, Jon Dunn, Tom Habing)
  4. Hands-on work with MODS and Asset Actions (~50 minutes)
  5. Wrapup discussion (Jenn Riley, facilitator)
    • Participants report on challenges
    • Questions
    • Future of Asset Actions

Presentation Slides

Aquifer MODS AA workshop.ppt

MODS Guidelines





An Asset Actions XML template file has been created for you to start from in creating an Asset Action file for an image object.

Workshop moderators will be available to assist you with the following activities related to Asset Actions:

  • Create an Asset Action file for an image, containing actions in the Default and Basic Image action groups.
  • Upload the image asset action file to the Explorer application, and interact with the image using UVA's Collectus tool.
  • Reference the Asset Action file from a MODS descriptive record using a MODS extension element.