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Encoding and Transcription Benchmarks


This page is a work in progress.

Indiana Magazine of History

Project consists of the encoding of a scholarly journal in TEI P4.
Approximately 2,400 characters per page; 44,800 pages.

Additional Encoding / Quality Control

  • 1 minute/page (letters, diaries, header review, structural spot checking)

Place names (All) / Quality Control

  • 5 minutes/page with TGN controlled vocabulary (fix all place names)
  • 1.5 minutes/page with TGN controlled vocabulary for Indiana place names only

Original encoding / per issue

  • ~75 hours including place name tagging, creation of independent headers, and article-level PDFs.

Indiana Authors

Project consists of encoding monogaphs and a 3-volume encyclopedia, Indiana Authors and Their Books

Monographs, TEI Lite, P4

  • 150 volumes, 300 pages = 45,000 pages
  • 2-4 minutes/page for prose
  • 4-6 minutes/page for verse
  • 6-8 minutes/page for drama


  • (Not benchmarked; vendor-encoded)
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