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content model item in Fedora: cmodel:image

Documentary photo collections have little/no hierarchical structure, so each item in the collection maps to one Fedora object. This object will always subscribe to the image disseminator (if it's digitized) as well as the default and metadata disseminators:

Image object




Default disseminator

Metadata disseminator

Master File disseminator

The image disseminator (bdef:iudlImage):

getThumbnail - Returns thumnail image
getScreenSize - Returns screen-sized image, suitable for display in the collection's renderItemFullView
getLargeSize - Returns large-sized image, suitable for display on its own (getFullView)

Datastreams and disseminators for image objects

DC - The Dublin Core record, needed for Fedora's internal use. We will only store the bare minimum Fedora needs in this field, to avoid redundancy with METADATA.
THUMBNAIL - A small JPEG, suitable for display in result lists
SCREEN - A JPEG that will fill most of the screen, leaving room for some metadata
LARGE - A full-screen-sized, large format JPEG
METADATA - The metadata, wrapped in METS. Exact format will depend on the collection (see Fedora Metadata Storage Philosophy).

TEXT - (Optional) A text document (mimetype TXT) corresponding to the extracted text from the image
SCALABLE - (Optional) A JPEG 2000 representation of the file (only present in cases where we expect delivery in a scalable and pannable format)
PURL_REDIRECT - A redirect datastream that points to the PURL for this object.

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