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What is an Institutional Repository, and why are we building one?

  • The Libraries' definition of an Institutional Repository is "a set of services that will allow IU faculty to deposit, distribute, and preserver their scholarship that is in electronic form. Such a repository could include any type of scholarly material, such as datasets, working papers, prepublication scholarship, and published works."
  • In March 2003, in response to issues in scholarly communication, open access, and institutional repositoreis, the Dean of IU Libraries formed an Institutional Repository Working Group consisting of Deans and Directors from Bloomington and Indianapolis, and began watching emerging technologies and developing policies and strategies
  • In 2004, the Dean charged the Associate Dean for Collection Development and Digital Scholarship with coordinating the development of an Institutional Repository
  • The groups first task was to choose among the emerging providers of IR software in the field to use in the pilot program, and if proved worthy of the task, to use as a production IR

Selection of DSpace for Pilot Program

  • What is DSpace?
    • According to DSpace: "DSpace is a groundbreaking digital library system to capture, store, index, preserve, and redistribute all your scholarly research material in digital formats."
    • DSpace is freely available open source software jointly developed by MIT Libraries and Hewlett-Packard Labs as a solution for creating various kinds of digital repositories
  • Among the technologies evaluated, DSpace emerged as the best choice; other top contender was ProQuest, a hosted repository service, and EPrints.
  • Ultimately, DSpace features were the closest match to the criteria
    • it can be implemented locally (vs. a hosted service like ProQuest)
    • it is a properly structured J2EE application which should prove to be extensible and easier to customize
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