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Variations3 Release 5.0.2

This page lists the changes from 5.0.1 to 5.0.2 for both the Variations server and client.


Server Tar:
Server Upgrade:
Windows Client Zip:
Mac Client Dmg:





Removed since 5.0.2 server.jar should contain a working client implementation


Changed from 5.0.1 to 5.0.2


Fixed bug that caused incorrect graphs to be generated and email to be sent to dmlserv (requires installing DateTime Perl module cpan -i DateTime

~/bin/, ~/bin/, ~/bin/

Commented out deprecated score file handler code

~/bin/, ~/bin/

Removed adding common.jar and client.jar from classpath

~/conf/server/dmlserver.dtd, ~/conf/server/dmlserver.xml

Added filename suffix for inserted score pages (and maybe future usage elsewhere); added support for authentication scheme labels


Added example pam file to use with JPam (this needs to be copied to /etc/pam.d/variations) for usage


Changed from 5.0.1 to 5.0.2

~/lib/casproxy-iu.jar, ~/lib/casproxy-umd.jar

Added jars specific for these two institutions that contain only an implementation of edu.indiana.dml.library.auth.CASLoginProxy which is no longer included in server.jar, but still exists as a reference implementation that can be modified by test sites


Updated version of log4j


Added support for authentication through pam

~/lib/commons-httpclient-3.0.1.jar, ~/lib/commons-codec-1.3.jar, ~/lib/commons-logging-1.1.jar

Added apache common's httpclient for updated CASLoginProxy

edu.indiana.dml.client.HeadlessClient, edu.indiana.dml.util.logging.HeadlessLogUtil

Added non-gui versions of Client and LogUtil which are used in the server, but not the client for better seperation of client and server classes


Fix to avoid large amounts of exceptions being thrown


Moved from to library to better seperate server and client classes

edu.indiana.dml.library.Library, edu.indiana.dml.library.LibraryApplication, edu.indiana.dml.library.LibraryConnection, edu.indiana.dml.library.LibraryConnectionImpl,

Changes to improve score and audio ingest including adding new createAndPublish for scores and checkForDerivatives to client-server interface; Commented out deprecated score file handler code


Added support for authentication through pam using JPam; Modified getServerSettings to handle authentication scheme labels correctly


Added support for authentication scheme labels

edu.indiana.dml.library.auth.CASLoginProxy, edu.indiana.dml.library.auth.CASLoginProxy_IU, edu.indiana.dml.library.auth.CASLoginProxy_UMD

Updated CASLoginProxy to use apache common's httpclient and included implementations of this reference version for IU and UMD and added jardesc's to help build the jars holding the institution-specific implementations

edu.indiana.dml.library.auth.JPamLoginProxy, edu.indiana.dml.library.auth.PasswordAuth

Added support for authentication through pam using JPam

edu.indiana.dml.library.config.ServerConfiguration, edu.indiana.dml.util.FilenameFactory

Added filename suffix for inserted score pages (and maybe future usage elsewhere); added support for authentication scheme labels; fixed to allow empty-valued SystemProperty tags

Made error message more user-friendly for digitization,, edu.indiana.dml.ui.annotation.ScoreFigure,,

Improved score handling including broken/blank pages,

Added time conversion methods that were in UIUtilities in order to better separate cilent and server classes,, edu.indiana.dml.ui.common.UIUtilities,,,

Added ability to send playlist tracks to other playlists

edu.indiana.dml.ui.admin.BindRecordingMeasures, edu.indiana.dml.ui.admin.z3950_search.RecordDetailsDialog, edu.indiana.dml.ui.annotation.AnnotationUtilities, edu.indiana.dml.ui.common.EditBookmarks, edu.indiana.dml.ui.common.UIUtilities,,,,, edu.indiana.dml.ui.timeliner.TimelineUtilities

Made all file choosers shared and sticky application-wide,, edu.indiana.dml.ui.timeliner.TimelineControlPanel, edu.indiana.dml.ui.timeliner.TimelineFrame, edu.indiana.dml.ui.timeliner.TimelineProperties

UI tweaks


Added drop down box to allow modification of MediaObject status

edu.indiana.dml.ui.admin.RecordDeleteionException, edu.indiana.dml.ui.admin.RecordDeletionManager, edu.indiana.dml.util.RecordDeletionException, edu.indiana.dml.util.RecordDeletionManager

Moved RecordDeletion classes to util to better separate client and server classes

edu.indiana.dml.ui.admin.z3950_search.ContainerRecord, edu.indiana.dml.ui.admin.z3950_search.ContainerSearchEngine, edu.indiana.dml.ui.admin.z3950_search.ContributorRecord, edu.indiana.dml.ui.admin.z3950_search.ContributorSearchEngine, edu.indiana.dml.ui.admin.z3950_search.RecordType, edu.indiana.dml.ui.admin.z3950_search.ResultRecord, edu.indiana.dml.ui.admin.z3950_search.SearchAttribute, edu.indiana.dml.ui.admin.z3950_search.WorkRecord, edu.indiana.dml.ui.admin.z3950_search.WorkSearchEngine, edu.indiana.dml.ui.admin.z3950_search.ZSearchEngine, edu.indiana.dml.util.z3950.ContainerRecord, edu.indiana.dml.util.z3950.ContainerSearchEngine, edu.indiana.dml.util.z3950.ContributorRecord, edu.indiana.dml.util.z3950.ContributorSearchEngine, edu.indiana.dml.util.z3950.RecordType, edu.indiana.dml.util.z3950.ResultRecord, edu.indiana.dml.util.z3950.SearchAttribute, edu.indiana.dml.util.z3950.WorkRecord, edu.indiana.dml.util.z3950.WorkSearchEngine, edu.indiana.dml.util.z3950.ZSearchEngine

Moved non-gui z3950 classes to util to better separate client and server classes


Added circumflex O and moved the eph forward


Small code change for clarity

edu.indiana.dml.ui.digitizer.CDItemStructureSource, edu.indiana.dml.ui.digitizer.CDItemStructureSpi, edu.indiana.dml.ui.digitizer.Digitizer, edu.indiana.dml.ui.digitizer.DigitizerRecordingStructurePanel, edu.indiana.dml.ui.digitizer.DigitizerStructureUtilities, edu.indiana.dml.ui.digitizer.ImportTracksDialog, edu.indiana.dml.ui.digitizer.ItemResultComparator

Improvements to Import Tracks dialog

edu.indiana.dml.ui.digitizer.Digitizer, edu.indiana.dml.ui.digitizer.DigitizerRecordingStructurePanel, edu.indiana.dml.ui.digitizer.DigitizerScoreStructurePanel

Changes to improve score and audio ingest including check for derivatives on the server when adding pages or cd/sides


Changed button names to "Add Sound File..." and "Replace Sound File..."

Removed requirement of dml.client.playlist.reserveListExport being set to true for the Export Reserve List File menu item to appear in the playlist player

Added error dialog if dml.digitizer.defaultLocation is not a valid Location term, but continues in creating Container record

edu.indiana.dml.ui.timeliner.MarkerEditor, edu.indiana.dml.ui.timeliner.TimelineBubbleEditor, edu.indiana.dml.ui.timeliner.TimepointEditor

Returned focus to label field when navigating using arrow buttons


Added mp4 to supported filetypes


Small changes to allow for more dynamic usage of the AppDir


Various changes for robustness


Many changes to handle new jni library including added robustness and support for color pages


Added methods to check for valid ingest filenames


Modified version of V2IDWavFilter to match only audio derivative files


Changes to make compatible with log4j 1.2.14


Enabled Set Color menu item

Program Files/Variations/Variations-diagnostic.cmd

Removed since this tool is no longer supported

Program Files/Variations/djvuencoder.jar

Rebuild which allows color djvu encoding

Program Files/Variations/Client/readme.rtf

Added version 5.0.2 to Revision History

Program Files/Variations/Client/VERSION

Changed from 5.0.1 to 5.0.2

Program Files/Variations/Client/data/legal_notices.html

Changed from 5.0.1 to 5.0.2 and added new legal notices

Program Files/Variations/Client/lib/external_metadata/*

Added libraries to support the improved Import Tracks dialog

Program Files/Variations/Client/lib/commons-httpclient-3.0.1.jar, Program Files/Variations/Client/lib/commons-codec-1.3.jar, Program Files/Variations/Client/lib/swing-worker-1.1.jar

Added libraries to support the improved Import Tracks dialog

Program Files/Variations/Client/lib/jni/Windows/DMLDjVu.dll

Updated version of the DjVu decoding library

Program Files/Variations/Client/lib/log4j-1.2.14.jar

Updated version of log4j

Program Files/Variations/Client/resources/admin/itemRenderer.xsl

Added XSLT that is used in updated Import Tracks dialog

Program Files/Variations/JRE

Changed bundled JRE to 1.5.0_12 for security updates

Changed from 5.0.1 to 5.0.2

Changed from 5.0.1 to 5.0.2

Changed from 5.0.1 to 5.0.2

Changed from 5.0.1 to 5.0.2 and added new legal notices

Updated version of log4j

Updated version of the DjVu decoding library


Changed from 5.0.1 to 5.0.2 (in CVS now under resources-mac)

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