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Setting up Sftp for Derivative Upload

Installing Scponly

Check to see if scponly is available from the package manager on your server. Install it if it is available. If scponly is not available, then:

  • Download the latest source release from SourceForge.
  • Untar the source
    tar xvzf scponly-4.8.tgz
  • Move into the extracted directory
    cd scponly-4.8
  • If you are installing on a machine using gcc 4.4 or higher (run gcc -v to check), then you will need to patch the latest version of scponly (4.8) to avoid compiler errors:
    perl -pi -e 's/#elif/#else/g' helper.c
  • Compile and install the binaries (as root)
    ./configure; make; make install

Creating the Upload Account

As _root_ user

  • Create the upload user account
    useradd -M -s /usr/local/bin/scponly -d /home/digitize digitize
    • If installed from a package manager
      useradd -M -s /usr/bin/scponly -d /home/digitize digitize
  • Setup the account's password
    passwd digitize
  • Add dmlserv to the digitize group
    usermod -G digitize dmlserv
  • Create a symlink to the content loader directory
    ln -s /home/dmlserv/content/loader/ /home/digitize
  • If SELinux is enabled, change the symlink's context
    chcon -t user_home_dir_t /home/digitize
  • Set permissions on the incoming directories
    chgrp digitize /home/dmlserv/content/loader/audio/incoming
    chgrp digitize /home/dmlserv/content/loader/score/incoming
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