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Running the Client

Examples of running the client and troubleshooting tips for client running difficulties.


Running the Client Example

Start Variations from the Start Menu or Desktop Shortcut for Windows or from the /Applications directory or Dock for Mac OS.

A splash screen should appear and then disappear leaving a login box.

Enter your username and password. After a successful login, a Variations welcome window will appear showing your username, group membership, database, and JVM version.


Server Unavailable

If a RMI connection cannot be made to the Variations server, a warning dialog will be displayed. Check to make sure that the Variations server is running, the firewalls on both the server and client are properly configured, and that the serviceName and rmiRegistryHost are correctly specified in the client configuration file dml.conf.

Authentication Scheme Not Supported

If an authentication scheme other than those specified in the Variation server configuration file dmlserver.xml, a warning dialog will be displayed. Supported realms for a given protocol are supplied by the server so check to make sure that the protocol specified in the client configuration file dml.conf is also found in dmlserver.xml.

Invalid Username/Password

If the username and password pair entered do not exist in the authentication system, a warning dialog will be displayed. Try reentering your username (leaving off the realm '') and password. If it still does not work, check to make sure the authentication system is functioning properly by attempting to sign into it outside of Variations.

Wrong Group Membership

If you log in successfully, but see that your group membership is not as expected, check to make sure that the command has already successfully created and loaded you into the groups in question. If no groups appear, you either have not been entered in any groups or your username is specified incorrectly in the group files loaded by When entering names into these group files, use the username reported by the Variations client on the search splash screen, which should be of the form user@realm.

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