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  • Make sure the latestversion of Oxygen is installed on your computer
    • Download this version from the Oxygen web site (download "editor" version) to circumvent a known bug with our validation and preview plugins
    • Install the downloaded version
    • Use the latest License Key
  1. Close the Oxygen XML editor
  2. Download the files:, and
  3. Unzip the files. This will create a folder called Previewer, Validator and ts somewhere on your computer. Copy the entire folder for each into the pluginsdirectory of your Oxygen Installation:

    On Windows (for example): 
    C:\\Program Files\oxygen\plugins\Previewer 
    C:\\Program Files\oxygen\plugins\Validator
    C:\\Program Files\oxygen\plugins\ts
    On Mac: 
  4. Open the Oxygen XML editor
  5. Test by opening an XML/TEI file
    1. Right-click on file, find "Plugins" menu option
    2. Select XTF Validator
      1. If you do not see XTF Validator as a plugin option, review the installation steps above. Try closing the Oxygen XML editor and opening it again.
      2. If you are still encountering problems, send a detailed message to and Michelle Dalmau