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Technical Investigation - Fedora Commons


See for a formal description of Fedora Commons.



Fedora Commons runs as a set of webapps under Tomcat with additional scripts and configuration residing outside of the tomcat directory.

Interesting Features

  • Flexible repository
  • Disseminators that operate on content when requested via REST interface


Hydra is "an end-to-end, flexible, extensible, workflow-driven, Fedora application kit" and "provides a toolkit of reusable components that can be combined and configured in different arrays to meet a diversity of content management needs".

The Hydra stack includes Fedora, Solr, Blacklight, and plugins for integration. Blacklight and some of the plugins are built on top of the ruby-on-rails framework.

See a Hydrangea instance on taiko: - FedoraCommons wiki space with a focus on video content

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