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Running Variations


Starting Variations

  1. Execute the following script to start Variations:
    This script will prompt you to enter the passwords for the metadata database and the user profile/authorization database.
  2. Wait at least a minute, and then check the status of Variations.

Checking the Status of Variations

  1. Execute the following script to check the status of the Variations servers:
    The output of the command should look something like the following:
    RMI Registry:
    /usr/java/j2sdk1.4.2_11/bin/rmiregistry (pid 13153)
    Logging Server:
    edu.indiana.dml.util.logging.LoggingServer (pid 13209)
    Current running Score File Handler:
    Current running Lease Managers:
    LeaseManager (pid 13262)
    Databases currently running:
    IU (pid 13384)
    For Variations to be functioning, the minimum servers that must be running are:
    • The RMI registry
    • The Variations logging server (note that the name of the logging server will be as shown above: it's the name of the Java class, not the location where the logging happens)
    • A lease manager
    • A library server, also called a database (IU in the example above; if you're running pre-6.0, you will have two servers, e.g., IU_PRODUCTION and IU_CATALOGING)

Stopping Variations

  1. Execute the following script to stop Variations:

Script Summary

All the scripts below are in directory bin in the Variations installation directory.





Displays the servers that are used by Variations


Starts the servers used by Variations (calls before starting the servers)


Stops the servers used by Variations


  • Databases fail to run
    • When running the script if you notice that your databases are not running try dropping and recreating the databases in MySql. Then run the initialization scripts for each of the databases. When you start Variations again you should see your database listed under "Databases currently running".
    • If your databases still fail to appear make sure to check your J database driver (mysql-connector-java-5.0.4-bin.jar) and matches the location you specified in the configuration file.
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