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Do it now before it becomes a larger "problem" (Nathan)

  • Avoid building things too tightly to a single approach without trying the other and potentially have to throw away things later

Easier to customize (Nathan)

Using asset pipeline (Chris)

Have ruby handle dependencies (Nathan)

  • jquery and other javascript dependencies can be managed by bundler
  • make version collisions between engage and other hydrant components visible through bundler
  • fewer files in the gem

Readability/Maintainability for Rails developers (Nathan)




Extra work now to do this (Nathan)

  • Do we have time to do this work now?

Unknown how receive and push updates from MH (Chris + Phuong)

  • manually (question) remove dependencies managed by bundler and update gemspec with each update

Lack of experience on how to railsify it (Chris)

  • Wait for Michael Klein for advice (question)

Railsification work will have to be ongoing to keep up with Rails (Phuong)

  • Rails is fast moving and the "proper rails way" changes often which would require work to update the gem



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