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Virtual Machine Settings

General VM Settings

The general settings for the VM guest must be:

  • 64-bit guest
  • At least 2G of RAM
  • At least 1 core
  • Graphical Display
  • Bridged network

Network Settings

The network adapter of the guest needs to be set to "Bridging" or "Attached to Bridged Adapter".  This allows the guest to retrieve an IP address which is visible to the outside world so clients can connect to it.  Network Address Translation (NAT) or "User Mode" networking can be used when combined with port forwarding/mapping, but setting up this configuration is beyond the scope of these instructions.


If there is a firewall, these ports must be accessible:


First Boot

When the VM is booted for the first time you will be taken through a series of steps to configure the virtual machine for use.  Many of the screens are the same as a standard CentOS or RedHat Enterprise Linux post-installation first boot.  For reference, the RedHat documentation for this process is at


License Information


Root Password

Update Networking

Create User

Date and Time


FFMPEG is an open source tool used to convert multimedia formats into other formats.  While it is open source, there are some configurations that cannot be distributed as a binary package.  Avalon uses such a configuration, so to adhere to the licensing restrictions, the end-user (you) have to build FFMPEG.  To make the process easy, this screen offers a push button which will begin the process of building and installing a FFMPEG binary which will be used by avalon.  The build takes 15-30 minutes (depending on the machine) and booting will not continue until FFMPEG is built.

\[Screenshot here]

Once FFMPEG is built, the terminal window will display a message informing you to press the Forward button to continue the installation.  If the build fails or otherwise has trouble, the build log can be found in /root/ffmpeg-build.log.

Avalon Config

Avalon requires some site-specific email addresses and hosts.  The firstboot process tries to make some reasonable guesses but it is often wrong.

EGADS, all defaults are broken


Access Hostname

This is the host name that others will use to connect to your avalon server.  The firstboot proc

Comments E-Mail

Notifications E-Mail

Support E-Mail

Mail Server Hostname

Mail Server Port



Hey, why isn't there anything in /root/avalon-setup.log?  Crud.  "No license file found in /root/avalon-setup.log


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