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First, determine that your data meets our content guidelines and addresses privacy concerns (see below). Then, choose from the following two options:

Check that your data meets the data content guidelines

  • Data accepted for deposit is generally defined as the facts and statistics produced for reference or analysis in the course of scientific research undertaken by IU faculty or researchers. (E.g. "numeric data sets": research results, surveys, instrument outputs, databases, and measurements.) Licensed data (such as that originating from the ICPSR, Bureau of Labor Statistics, etc.) is not accepted.
  • The data must be produced, submitted, or sponsored by IU faculty or researchers. Student-created data is accepted with faculty sponsorship of research.
  • The data should be complete and ready for distribution.
    • Classified or confidential data requiring formal, contractual, or legal restrictions to access, such as HIPAA-designated Protected Health Information, will not be included in IUScholarWorks, but may be archived on the Scholarly Data Archive (SDA).
  • We accept all file formats, although depending on the format of the file there may be limitations on the IU Libraries' ability to preserve it and for the ability of others to use it. We encourage standards and formats that are open (e.g., .txt), commonly used (e.g., .xls), or community-recognized (e.g., .mat) be used for all files deposited.  Cornell Libraries produced a useful guide addressing the probability of preservation by file type. StatTransfer is a tool offered by UITS through IUWare/IUanyWARE that can convert many proprietary formats to an open one.
  • The dataset may contain multiple files. Individual data files (including zipped/tarred files) uploaded directly to IUScholarWorks or the SDA may not exceed 150MB or 50TB, respectively.
  • The author/owner must be willing and able to grant IU the right to preserve and distribute the data (IUSW Deposit License), in accordance with user-defined embargo restrictions.
  • Submitters are responsible for adequate metadata (descriptive fields) of the contributed dataset for the purposes of discovery and other informational purposes.

Address privacy concerns

Data that is subject to IRB regulations or HIPAA, or is of an otherwise sensitive nature should be encrypted and deposited in the researcher's SDA account, not in the IUScholarWorks repository. It is the responsibility of the researcher to ensure that all research data they wish to make publicly available is de-identified. For more information on what constitutes sensitive data, consult the Knowledge Base and the Libraries site on Sensitive Data.


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