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One of the many benefits to depositing your work in the IUScholarWorks Repository is that it will automatically receive a stable URL. In many cases, it is useful to include this URL on the document itself so that readers will always know how to find your work online. If you would like to do this for a new submission, there are a few extra steps to take after you have finished the Self-submission workflow and your item has been approved and committed to the archive. (Note: Self-submitters will receive a notification email from the system once the item has been approved and committed to the archive. If someone else submitted on your behalf, you will need to find out from the submitter if the item has been approved and committed before starting on Step 1 below.)

Step 1. Find the handle URL for your submission.

  • After logging into the system, click on "Submissions" under "My Account."
  • Click on the name of your item under "Archived Submissions."

  • You will now be taken to the item's record in the repository. Copy the handle URL from the URI field on this page.

Step 2. Edit your document to include the URL.

  • Paste the URL from the item record into your document.  

  • If the only version you have of your document is a PDF, you can still add text to it:

    • Open your document in in Adobe Acrobat and click on the "Tools" menu (on the right-hand side). (Note: If you don't have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer, you can download it for free from

    • Select "Content Editing," then "Add Text."

    • Click on the area of the document where you want to insert new text and text box will appear.

    • Adjust the font as necessary using the tools under the "Format" heading.

    • Save.

Step 3. Send edited document to a collection administrator for upload into the repository.

  • Only collection administrators have the authority attach a new document to an existing record in the repository, so you will need to send a copy of your final, edited file to the collection administrator for your collection. If you do not know who the collection administrator is, you may email your edited file to the IUScholarWorks Team at

Instructions for collection administrators:

  • Log in to the system and navigate to the appropriate submission. 
  • In the left-hand toolbar, under "Context," click on "Edit this item."
  • Click on the Item "Bitstreams" tab and delete the bitstream included with the original submission.
  • Click on "Upload a new bitstream" to attach the edited file you received from the submitter.
  • Click "Return."
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