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Avalon can be configured to import descriptive metadata from an external source (such as an OPAC) via SRU or Z39.50.

Configuration is located in avalon.yml.

SRU Configuration

To configure Avalon to use an SRU source (such as yaz-proxy), you will need the following information:

  • The SRU endpoint for the server to search
  • The query that will return the correct record for the bibliographic ID provided


SRU Configuration
    protocol: sru

Note: %{bib_id} will be replaced by the bibliographic ID provided by the depositor.

Z39.50 Configuration

Configuring Avalon to use a Z39.50 source requires the following information:

  • The hostname and port for the Z39.50 server
  • The name of the database to search
  • The ID of the attribute to search with the bibliographic ID


Z39.50 Configuration
    protocol: z39.50
    port: 210
    database: CATALOG
    attribute: 7
    retriever_class: Avalon::BibRetriever::Zoom
    retriever_class_require: avalon/bib_retriever/zoom
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