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The current state of asset actions, as used by Aquifer.

<aqa:assetActions objid="P02300" type="image">
  <aqa:actionGroup name="defaultActionGroup" label="default Action Group">
    <aqa:action format="text/xml" name="getAssetDefinition" label="Asset Definition" uri=""/>
    <aqa:action format="image/jpeg" name="getPreview" label="Preview" uri=""/>
    <aqa:action format="text/plain" name="getLabel" label="Label" uri=""/>
    <aqa:action format="text/xml" name="getDCRecord" label="Description" uri=""/>
    <aqa:action format="text/html" name="getWebView" label="Web View" uri=""/>
    <aqa:action format="image/jpeg" name="getDefaultContent" label="Default Content" uri=""/>
  <aqa:actionGroup name="basicImageActionGroup" label="basic Image Action Group">
    <aqa:action format="image/jpeg" name="getThumbnail" label="Thumbnail" uri=""/>
    <aqa:action format="image/jpeg" name="getScreenSize" label="Screen Size" uri=""/>
    <aqa:action format="image/jpeg" name="getMaxSize" label="Max Size" uri=""/>
    <aqa:action format="text/html" name="getDynamicView" label="Dynamic View" uri=""/>
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