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  • 2015-08-31 HydraDAM2 at IU Meeting Notes
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  • Heidi Dowding

  • Jon Dunn

  • Randall Floyd
  • Julie Hardesty
  • Nianli Ma
  • Brian Wheeler


  • need POD data dump and Memnon data dump added to diagram
    • one each per object
  • pres file not always playable
  • for video, it’s not prod, it’s mezz file
    • the thing used to create derivatives
  • how does this show or does it show when there are groupings with one catalog record (3 LP sets)
  • what is in HydraDAM2 is the AIP (created based on the SIP/bag on HPSS but not the same)
  • checksum - initial validation between what memnon says and HPSS says and what we have
    • in the future, do we go through and check all checksums again at regular intervals? yes, we do
  • USE CASE [covered in Func Req]: show MDPI barcode in Avalon, provide link to HydraDAM2 though that barcode, download prod/mezz master files
    • see desc md for object, see tech md for each file (file size, run time, track config)
      • IU doesn’t need capability for thumbnail or preview in HydraDAM2
  • derivative files are being kept in HPSS and should be shown in Fedora (high, medium, low streaming)
  • each file needs to show when last fixity check was run and outcome (all files, not just digitized content but also ffprobe and MODS files)
  • USE CASE [covered by Func Req]: be able to view objects/files based on fixity check outcomes (see all fixity checks that have failed)
  • if something gets corrected, that gets added to HydraDAM2 object
    • might need to be versions of files or versions of objects
    • date/timestamp seems to be best way to handle that now
    • Fedora 4 has versioning but we don’t know how Hydra deals with versions yet
  • support MDPI workflow
    • need to be able to fix things for MDPI and this might be different than generic case
    • resubmit entire object
  • supporting born-digital, non-MDPI AV use cases
    • still need to talk about this
  • typos in metadata
    • how do changes in Avalon get propagated back to HydraDAM2?
    • have solid reporting from access side and link to preservation side
    • some updates will be Avalon, some MARC records, some EAD finding aid
    • add in new XML files instead of trying to modify original XML files
    • Heidi to research options
  • take date/timestamp off of object level; tech md for file will have properties reflecting date and time, maybe file name will also have that, but not sure; Fedora 4 can do versioning but not sure how Hydra accesses that
  • group id example in fedora
  • USE CASES [not in Func Req - HDM-235] - different kinds of analysis based on metadata (all of the DATS, date range, from Memnon); maybe this is more of a dump and analysis is done somewhere else
  • all access/prod/pres files have to be served via projection or Helper app
    • we don’t know if static XML files still need to be part of HPSS with content files or not
    • definitely want static XML files in Fedora as nonRDFResources

Action Items

  • update diagram - Julie [DONE]
    • add POD data dump file and Memnon data dump file (at MODS XML level)
    • add high, medium, low streaming derivative files
    • take date/timestamp off of object level and show with file names but note that tech md properties for files might contain this info for versioning instead
  • create new diagram to show group id being used to group multiple MDPI items together (multi-LP set, for example) - Julie [DONE]
  • research options for handling changes to metadata (edits made in Avalon or MARC record or EAD file; how do other places manage this in preservation system - is it preserved at single time or updated over time?) - Heidi
  • try for meeting on Friday, Sept. 25 or Monday, Sept. 28 - Julie [DONE, Sept. 28 at 2:30pm, W517]