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Fresh installs of Avalon 4.0.1 included an upgrade to ffmpeg version 2.4.2.  This version of ffmpeg produces m3u8 playlist files for mobile HLS streaming differently than the previously used ffmpeg version.  The result is HLS segment files (*.ts) were not getting distributed to their streaming locations.  This should only be a problem for installations that are using the default Red5 streaming server.  The instructions below describe how to fix this problem and restore mobile playback.


Update Matterhorn to use fixed HLS distirbution module

# 1. Switch to matterhorn user
$ su - matterhorn
$ cd /usr/local/matterhorn
# 2. Install updated modules
$ cd lib/matterhorn
$ wget --no-check-certificate -O matterhorn-distribution-service-hls-1.4-SNAPSHOT.jar
# 3. Restart Matterhorn
$ exit
$ service matterhorn stop
$ service matterhorn start


Fix already ingested items

If you cannot reingest existing items and need help generating the HLS segment files please email the avalon-discuss listserv and we will help you through the process.

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