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  • 2015-12-02 HydraDAM2 IU/WGBH All-Project Meeting Agenda and Notes
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1:30-5 PM EST (tentative), using Login using room 237815.


  • Karen Cariani 
  • Michael Muraszko
  • Andrew Myers
  • Nianli Ma
  • Randall Dean Floyd
  • Amol Khedkar
  • Heidi Elaine Dowding
  • Juliet Louise Hardesty
  • Brian David Wheeler
  • Jon William Butcher Dunn


  • Review and refine project goals
  • Deep dive into use cases for IU, WGBH
  • Develop shared understanding of our planned architecture and use of Hydra / Fedora
  • Define where we want to be in six months
  • Demo of work to date
  • Understand other activities in Hydra and Fedora communities that are relevant to the project
  • Get updates on any other related activities that are relevant to our work
    • PBCore
    • Avalon
  • Retrospective on how we have been working together and what improvements we could make


1:30 -- Retrospective on Process - Will, Mike and Developers

Agile Scrum Board

1:45 -- Understanding Architecture - Randall and Will

IU Architecture Slide show

2:15 -- Drill down Use Cases - Mike / Will

Grant Proposal

Functional Requirements

IU Preservation Model

Simple Single Fileset Model

2:45 -- Demo and discussion of development topics - Developers, open discussion

 Agile Scrum Board

3:15 - 3:30 Break

3:30 -- Relevant projects - PCDM; Sufia; HyBox; Avalon; Fedora 4 Asynchronous Storage; Fedora Camp - Will,  open discussion

4:00 -- Review and Revise goals for project - Jon

Grant Proposal

Project Description  

4:15 -- Milestones for next  six months - Karen

Discussion items


Action items