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Pending Approval

  • Group goals and membership are pending review and approval by Library Admin.


The Media Collections Online (MCO) Working Group is comprised of a group of collection managers actively using MCO, and is committed to:

  • shaping procedures for consistent creation and management of audio/video collections (unit/collection naming, ingest protocols, etc.)
  • developing best practices for descriptive metadata creation 
  • identifying improvements in the cataloging/editing workflows, including functionality requests  
  • informing the IU Avalon web development team of end-user improvements to the discovery interface 

The MCO Working Group will meet 2-4 a year to ensure that the service meets the needs of collection managers and end-users at IU. 


  • Jon Cameron, Digital Media Service Manager: Digital Collections Services (Convener)
  • Michelle Dalmau
  • Thomas Whittaker
  • Maria Whittaker 
  • Carla Arton or Andy Ulrich (jauhrich) or Rachael Stoeltje (rstoeltj), IUL Moving Image Archive
  • Kristin Leaman (, IU Archives
  • Anthony (Tony) Tadey (atadey) or Michelle Hahn, Music Library / Jacob School of Music
  • William Vanden Dries (wvandend), AAAMC
  • Dan Pyle, IU Press
  • Kate Cruikshank (cruiksha), Indiana University Libraries Modern Political Papers 
  • Brian Graney (bpgraney), BFC/A
  • Liana Zhou (zhoul), Kinsey
  • Allison McClanahan, ATM
  • Jennifer St. Germaine (jstgerma), Glenn Black Lab
  • Andrew Smith (andjsmit), IUPUI Libraries
  • Zach Downey, Lilly Library
  • Richard Higgins, IU ScholarWorks

Meeting Agendas & Notes

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