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Media Formats

BDPL staff are able to migrate content stored on the following media formats: 

  • Floppy Disks:
    • 5-1/4"
    • 3-1/2" (including Mac 400K and 800K)
  • Optical media:
    • CDDA (Compact Disc Digital Audio)
    • DVD-Video
    • Data discs (CD and DVD)
  • SM/SD Memory cards
  • Zip disks (100 MB only)
  • External hard drives
    • SATA interface
    • IDE interface
  • USB drives (thumb drive, external hard drive)

If units, faculty, or staff have other storage media (such as 8" floppy disks or magnetic tape), the BDPL manager can explore alternate recovery options, including the use of a third-party service.


The BDPL contains the following equipment:

  • Two Dell Precision 3430 workstations with:
    • 64-bit Windows 10 OS
    • 32 GB RAM
    • Intel Core i7-8700 CPU @ 3.20GHz, 3192 Mhz, 6 Core(s), 12 Logical Processor(s)
    • HL-DT-ST BD-RE BU40N optical disk drive

  • Power Macintosh 6500/275

  • Sabrent USB 3.5" floppy disk drive

  • Iomega Zip 100 zip disk drive

  • Toshiba ND-0802GR 5.25" floppy drive (with Device Side Data FC5025 Floppy Controller)

  • Iomega CF/Microdrive and SM/SD/MMC/MS Reader

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