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This workflow is aimed at allowing IU internal units to move things to the Libraries via the institutional instance of Box

Basic Guidelines for Data Transfer

  • Ensure that the data you are moving into Box corresponds to the Data Classifications as either University-Internal or Public (see below for basic examples; consult the Data Classification Matrix for a more detailed description of data types and classifications)
  • Ensure that you are using a non-personal account for the transfer
  • For more assistance, contact the appropriate Data Steward or Data Manager and see Data Management at IU for tools, policies, and more information

Established Workflows

Generate an inventory and fixity information for files on Box

This workflow was established in order to ensure that files being passed to the IU Bloomington Libraries via Box are authentic and complete representations of the originals. The inventory script captures basic information about all files, including MD5 checksum and date, original filepath, MIME type, and date last modified. This workflow is intended to be managed through Box, but the script could also be utilized to run on a local hard drive (with potential modifications to reflect operating system).

Workflows Currently Being Tested

Generating MD5 XML document on a Windows machine using Microsoft File Checksum Integrity Verifier

Utilizing WebDAV to generate MD5s on content within a Box shared folder

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