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Phase 1: simple Avalon deployment, each component on one EC2 instance.

Amazon VPC

Create 1 VPC with 1 public and 2 private subnets (in 2 different availability zones) (Amazon RDS requires 2+ availability zones)

  • 1 security group for public subnet, allows 8080, 8983 and SSH.
  • 1 security group for private subnet, allows HTTP(S) and SSH.

Amazon RDS

Create new DB subnet group from previous 2 private subnets

Create new RDS instance with MySql engine

Amazon EC2

1 small instance for Avalon web server

4 micro instances for backend components: Matterhorn, Fedora, Red5, Solr


Regular install Manual Installation Instructions#Matterhorn


Install Tomcat 7.0.70 Setup a server for Hydra 10 development#InstallFedora4.5.1

Create Fedora db on Amazon RDS instance

Create fcrepo user and grant access to Fedora db

Install Fedora on existing Tomcat Fedora (standalone) (change JDBC url to Amazon RDS MySQL)



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