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  • 2016-09-15 Meeting notes - Avalon & HydraDAM2 Developers' Meeting
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Wells Library W531



  • Demo of Avalon and HydraDAM2
  • Discussion of A/V playback in HD2 directly or indirectly using players developed for Avalon
  • Discussion of Descriptive Metadata
  • Discussion of Access Control in HD2 using LDAP 

Discussion items


Jon Cameron

Will Cowan

15minA/V PlaybackGeneral
  • Incorporate a player in HD2 for playback of say master files.
10minDesc. MetadataGeneral
  • Use the search in Avalon of descriptive metadata to find barcodes and then be able to go to that item in HD2.
  • Can access MDPI items in Dark Avalon using barcode number: (requires login but this is Iowa item in HD2)

  • Chris Colvard recommending REST API be defined for HD2 so that collection manager can search in Avalon using desc metadata, come up with a set of items, then take a bulk action or select an item to take a preservlation action - send list of barcodes to HD2 - results of action in HD2 could send email with results or link to HD2 system to view results

15minUsing LDAPGeneral
  • Use the Avalon developed code to query ADS/LDAP groups to determine accessibility. Will need to index LDAP group or the collection in order to determine what objects can be brought back.

Action items