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Much like in Variations, Playlists in Avalon provide a way to combine tracks or excerpts from multiple recordings into a single list. Avalon provides the ability to import a Variations playlist file in .v2p format; HTML playlists exported from Variations are not supported for import. For more information on Playlists in Variations, including how to save a Playlist as a .v2p file, please consult the Variations User Guide at

Enabling the Variations Playlist Importer

  1. Create a file in the Avalon config directory that maps the Variations Media Object ID to Avalon's Masterfile Object Label (Section) and call it variations_media_object_id_map.yml.
    It should look like this (the IDs on the right will look different per your institution, it will probably be the name of the media files that were imported):

    IU/MediaObject/222550: YYY0009A
    IU/MediaObject/339900: ADX3385A
    IU/MediaObject/339899: ADX3385B
  2. Add the following to config/avalon.yml, so that it points to the map.yml you created.

      media_object_id_map_file: 'config/variations_media_object_id_map.yml'

Importing a Variations Playlist (.v2p) File

  1. In Avalon, click Playlist in the navigation bar at the top of the screen.

  2. Click the Import Variations Playlist button.
  3. Select your V2P file from the Open File dialog that appears and click the Open button.
  4. The playlist file will be processed. Please be patient during this process, as there is no active loading indicator, and it may take a moment for the import to finish.
  5. The message Variations playlist was successfully imported will appear at the top of the page. You will automatically be taken to your newly imported playlist.
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  1. This should say which version of Avalon these instructions are valid for.