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  • 2016-10-06 Hydra Connect - Preservation Events/PREMIS in Hydra
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  • Unconference session title: Preservation Events/PREMIS in Hydra
  • Continuing on the efforts at last year's HydraConnect to discuss Hydra and digital preservation; the Hydra Premis Working Groupthat has been established; the Fedora design work surrounding an Audit Service and, more specifically, a PREMIS Event Service; and the current development work for HydraDAM2 on audiovisual digital preservation, we think it is useful to discuss with the community how preservation events are modeled and stored in a Hydra/Fedora environment. Topics for consideration:
    • How events for an object modeled in PREMIS fit in a PCDM data model
    • Preservation event properties already being tracked by Fedora
    • Plans for implementing Fedora designs for Audit Service and/or PREMIS Event Service
    • Using PREMIS standard vs PROV-O or other ontology for describing preservation events

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