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Tips and tricks for finding information from IUCAT in WorkFlows and vice versa.

The Catalog Key

On the control tab of a bibliographic record, one can find the title control number for the record. Underneath it is something called the catalog key (also known as the "ckey"). The ckey is a really useful piece of information, particularly if you're trying to find a resource in both WorkFlows and IUCAT, but the title is ambiguous enough that it is difficult to do so. How is this possible? The ckey in the bibliographic record is the same number that's found at the end of the URL for a record in IUCAT. For example:

So if you're working with an WorkFlows record and want to test how it's working in IUCAT quickly, you can simply copy the ckey and paste it at the end of to be taken directly to the IUCAT record.

Likewise, if you've found a record in IUCAT, but you're having trouble finding the exact record in WorkFlows, you can take the number at the end of the IUCAT URL, and using a keyword search in the general index, search for the number with ^c directly in front of it (or {ckey} following it) to pull up that specific record in WorkFlows.

URL Search

To search by a URL in Workflows, use a keyword search in the general index and add {856} after the URL.

*Note: URLs with questions marks and long queries may not search correctly, but this search does have its uses even with its limitations.

Finding Shadowed Bib Records

In order to find shadowed bib records (including e-only subscriptions records), you must search by keyword and not exact title. Shadowed records do not show up in exact searches.

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