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  • XML-first publishing for full-text, HTML articles
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Begin documenting workflow used to turn PDFs into XML

first article (Magli) encoded for 1.1 publication so far

1. All the elements in html will be in lowercase. Hence, convert all the UPPERCASE in the elements into lowercase, such as:
 - <h1>, <h2>, <h3>
 - <p>
 - <figure>
 - <ImageData src> to <img src>
 - <li>
 - <table>
 - <td>
 - <tr> 

2. Starting of normalization of XML to HTML with the following standard. A CSS sheet is made to accommodate all of the SDH articles. 

<!DOCTYPE html>


<div class="byline">

<hr>gray line that separate sections

<div class="abstract">

<hr>gray line that separate sections

<div class="data">
<p><span class="bold">Key words:</span><br/>

<p><span class="bold">SDH Reference:</span><br/>

<span class="doi">doiAddressFormat:""</span>

<hr>gray line that separate sections


<p class="center"></p>

<p><span class="sup"></span> <span class="bold"></span></p>

<div class="rights">

<hr>gray line that separate sections

<span id="page">pageFooter/Header</span>
<div class="clear"></div><br/>

<img alt="graph" class="graph" src="img01.jpg">

<img alt="sim" scr="img02.jpg">

<div class="reference">




Other Notes

1. OJS 3.0 incorporates a new plugin that may work in the future

  • New plugin needs further investigation
  • JIRA task IUSW-1242


2. Guide and wiki for OJS 3


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