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For donors:

Download the appropriate Exactly package:

Sending Content via Exactly

Step One: Open Exactly by clicking on the Java file

Step Two: Set up SFTP credentials within Exactly

Select Admin from the top menu, and then SFTP Settings

Once you've filled in the Host, Port, Username, and Password, select Validate and Save (you only need to do this the first time you transfer items)

Step Three: Select content to send

Select the Browse button next to Source to choose your file/s

Click the checkmarks next to Zip files? and SFTP deliver

Select the Browse button next to Destination to choose where the local package will be created and saved; we recommend creating a new folder entitled Exactly-transfers or something similar

Step Four: Add metadata about the content

Libraries staff will assist in determining which fields should be completed

Once all necessary metadata is complete, select the Save button

Step Five: Transfer

Select the Transfer button to the right of the screen

Watch the transfer log information to ensure that the SFTP transfer was complete; if it was, you are finished! If there was an error transferring the local package, follow step six

Step Six: Use SFTP to Complete Transfer

If advised to do so, download the appropriate SFTP client:

Use the same SFTP credentials from Step Two to login

Select Upload, and find the content package that Exactly created on your local machine (within the Exactly-transfers folder)

Upload content!

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