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Tags in Avalon are descriptive labels attached to playlists. By using tags effectively, playlists can be easily identified and sorted according to their tags. This user guide demonstrates adding tags to a playlist and filtering multiple playlists by their tags.


Use of playlists requires logging into the Avalon Media System as an authenticated user. For directions on how to log into Avalon, see the Avalon User Guide - Logging In.

The Playlist feature is located in the navigation bar.

Table of Contents


  • Authenticated users - a user who can access Avalon using a valid identifier and authentication combination supported by your institution
  • Playlist -  a collection of playlist Items
  • Tags - descriptive labels attached to playlists to assist in categorizing and locating


 - "Edit"

Examples of Tag Usage

The ways in which tags can be used to help categorize and describe playlists are numerous. Because tags are user-defined, they can be adapted to any individual user's needs. For example, tags could be used to categorize playlists in the following ways:

  • Format (audio, video)
  • Type of content (music, spoken-word, documentary)
  • Subject or genre (jazz, classical, world)
  • Chronologically by content (18th-century, 19th-century, 1960s, 1970s)
  • Chronologically by use (Fall 2016, Spring 2017)
  • Etc.

Playlists can support numerous tags simultaneously, so any of the above examples could be attached to the same playlist. In addition to categorizing content, tags also essentially provide a shorthand description for a playlist when describing the content using full text may be inappropriate or cumbersome.

Adding Tags to Playlists

Tags are attached to playlists at the time of their creation, but they can also be added or removed later by editing the playlist details. To add tags, type the desired tag label into the "Tags" field, and confirm the tag by adding a comma or with Enter. The "Tags" field also contains a list of the user's previous tags which will display as the user types.

To edit a playlist's tags after the playlist has been created, click "Edit" to bring up the "Editing Playlist" view. Select the Edit icon next to Playlist Details to display the "Tags" field once again, and delete or add tags as desired.

Filtering Playlists Using Tags

The playlists display can be filtered and narrowed down by using tags. Locate the "Filter" drop-down menu on the "Playlists" page.

The menu will display all of a user's tags that have been assigned to any playlist. Select one of the tags to filter the playlist results by that tag.

The page will automatically adjust to only display playlists containing that tag.

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