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  1. Add a Copyeditor
  2. Copyedit Discussions
  3. Upload Final Copyedit Draft
  4. Send to Production

1. Add a Copyeditor

The Copyediting tab includes three new boxes: "Draft Files", "Copyediting Discussions", and "Copyedited". "Draft Files" holds the rough copy of the submission that has recently been put through review. Before you are able to interact with the draft file, you may need to assign a copyeditor for this submission. Go to the "Participants" box on the right side of the page and select the blue "Assign" button in the top right corner. 

You will be asked to locate a user with the copyeditor role from within the system. Make sure you choose the correct predefined message for the stage of copyediting and inform the potential copyeditor. 

Once your copyeditor has confirmed this request, you will need to wait for them to upload their copyedited version to the page, preferably by using the "Copyediting Discussions" box.

2. Copyedit Discussions

Most of the copyediting progress will be recorded with the "Copyediting Discussions" box. Here, copyeditors can upload various drafts and have authors and section editors approve of their work. To do so, click “Add Discussion” in the upper right corner of the “Copyediting Discussions” box. Under the “Participants” heading, select which individuals you want this particular discussion to be visible to - there may be some discussions you want to keep restricted to editors as well as some in which the author needs to receive updates. After writing your message, you can also choose these discussions as a place to store and send files that are not necessarily ready for placement in the "Copyedited" box. Discussions can be an excellent way to share revisions or rough drafts.

3.  Final Copyedit Draft

Once the copyeditor has sent in a final copyedited draft, confirmed by both the journal/section editor as well as the author, you can upload the final draft into the central "Copyedited" box. Upload a file by clicking the "Upload/Select Files" link in the upper right corner of the box. Once the file is uploaded, you can double-check the file's information or change the file using the "Edit"  button below the file name.

4. Send to Production

Your final page should resemble the image below, with a few discussions informing the section editor, author, and copyeditor at various stages and a final draft of the file available under "Copyedited"

The Send to Production, located to the right of the “Draft Files” box, begins by asking whether or not you would like to notify the author(s) that their submission has made it to the next stage of production. Once you have decided whether or not to contact the author(s), click "Next: Send Files for Production".

You will now be presented with two boxes that list potential files to upload to the production stage. The "Draft Files" box is included so that you can immediately move articles that don't require any copyediting straight to production after the review stage. If you went through any copyedits, your final draft should be uploaded underneath the "Copyedited" box. Be sure to check the correct file for upload, record the editorial decision, and officially move on to production. 

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