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This page describes the process of transferring content from original storage media or network location to the BDPL file server.

Load Record

After you have successfully launched the BDPL Ingest Tool and the GUI has opened, scan or enter the item barcode and unit abbreviation (as identified by the BDPL manager) in the appropriate textboxes.  Then select the appropriate shipment ID from the dropdown menu (if no selections are available or the correct date is not included, consult with the BDPL manager) and click the 'Load' button.

The Ingest Tool interface will now populate with information from the BDPL manifest completed by the collecting unit:

Check the 'Source' and 'Label transcription' fields (if relevant) to verify that the media is the correct item (if it appears to be incorrect, apply a Post-It note with a description of the problem to the item and proceed to the next item).  Pay particular attention to any information in the 'Technician Notes' field, as the unit may have provided specific instructions about what content to transfer or other important information about the item (consult with the BDPL manager as needed).

Initial Error Messages

If any of the basic information is missing, the Ingest Tool will inform the user of the problem with an error in the CMD.EXE window.  For example, if the shipment date is not entered, the tool notes "Error; please make sure you have entered a shipment date."

The Ingest Tool will also produce an error message if the barcode value is not found on the 'Inventory' worksheet of the BDPL manifest. 

If you are sure the barcode has been entered correctly, then follow the file path indicated in the error message to open the BDPL manifest and check to see if the barcode was entered incorrectly in the 'Inventory' spreadsheet.  (Non-barcode values may have been mis-keyed.) Notify the BDPL manager if the barcode is missing so that the collecting unit can add it to the Inventory.

Select a Job Type

As noted in the User Manual Overview, the Ingest Tool has four main job types ('Copy only', 'Disk images', 'DVD', and 'CDDA'), as determined by the type of media and its content. See part Identifying and Handling of Legacy Media for more information on identifying media (especially optical media).  


for moving image content stored as DVD-Video on optical media.


use cases where sound recordings are stored as Compact Disk Digital Audio on optical media.

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