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1. Dashboard

After completing their initial submission, authors will be able to view their dashboard. From this dashboard, they can access the various materials, reviews, and edits of their works.

2. Reviews

Once the review process has completed, the author will be notified via email by the editor of their decision. After receiving the email, the author can login to view the decision. On the “Submissions” page, the author will be able to see a notification that “Revisions have been requested.” Clicking on the article title will automatically take the author to the "Review" tab on their dashboard.

3. Review Tab

When reviewer has been assigned and a review has been submitted, the author will receive a status update in the review tab.


If the editor then requests revisions, the author will in most cases receive a second status update, a notification of the editor's decision, and attachments from the reviewer.

Authors can then view editor decisions and any reviewer attachments. They will also be able to upload their revisions and add discussion messages.

4. Notifications

Notifications are important messages about the status of the author's submission. To view a notification, click on its blue title.

5. Uploading Revisions and Viewing Attachments.

Authors can upload their revisions by clicking "Upload File" on the right side of the "Revisions" panel.

In most cases, authors will be uploading a revised version of their article text.

But there are other options:

Authors can view any attachments provided by the reviewer or any revision they have uploaded by clicking on the blue title links.

6. Review Discussions

Authors can communicate with the journal editor by using the discussion panel. To view a discussion topic, click on blue title link under "Name".

To respond to an existing discussion topic, click the "Add Message" button on the bottom right.

To add a new discussion topic, click "Add discussion" on the right side of the "Review Discussions" panel.

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