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  • IU DataCORE Collection Admin Guidelines
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  1. General Overview
  2. Review Submission
  3. Managing Embargoes
  4. New Collection
  5. Admin Sets
  6. Public Communities 
    1. New Community
    2. Edit Community
    3. Sub-Collections
    4. Adding Existing Works
  7. Adding Users


Creating a New Collection

To create a new collection, either public or administrative, head to your user dashboard. On the left hand side, you will see a tab titled "Collections" listed under Repository Contents.

Once you select this tab, you will be taken to a list of all collections you own. You can go directly to the items in the collection by selecting the link under "Title". By clicking the "Select" item under "Actions", you can also view, edit, delete, or add to the collection directly. 

To create a new collection under your ownership, select the red "New Collection" button on the top right of the Collections page. 

You will now be asked to choose from two different types of collections:

  • Admin Set: These are non-public collections, only usable and editable by upper-level administrators. An admin set is most useful when you have a large amount of work that share the same visibility (for example, a large amount of restricted content) or other such policies. Work in the same admin set will not display with any difference to a user of IU Data CORE.
  • Community Collection




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