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  • About
    • The Contact Sheet adapter is a python based tool that takes in a video and create a PNG image of contact sheets.  Frames can be extracted based on either a fixed quantity, based on a given time interval (second), shot detection, or facial recognition
  • Source Code
    • galaxy/tools/video_tools/contact_sheets.xml
      Tool configuration detailing tool execution, input file, output file, and labeling.
    • galaxy/tools/video_tools/
      Python script to handle the input parameters and call the code to create the contact sheet. 
    • galaxy/tools/amp_json_schema/
      Responsible for creation of the contact sheet
  • Dependencies
    • ffmpeg-python
  • Installation:
            $ pip install ffmpeg-python

  • Running the tool

    • The tool can be invoked from Galaxy UI as other tools. User needs to supply input data in the form of standardized speech to text output

  • Parameters
    • $input_file: Video input file
    • $type: Contact sheet type.  Controls the interval at which the images are drawn from frames. 
      • time: Extract frames by time period
      • quantity: Extract a fixed number of frames
      • shot: Extract frames based on shot detection
      • facial: Extract frames based on facial recognition 
    • amp_shots: AMP Shot JSON to create frames from
    • amp_facial_recognition: AMP Facial Recognition JSON to create frames from
    • frame_seconds: Interval in seconds to space frames
    • frame_quantity: Total number of frames to extract
    • number_of_columns:  Number of columns in the contact sheet
    • margin: Margin around each frame
    • padding:  Padding around each frame
  • Output
    • Image file (PNG) containing the image at a specified interval. 
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