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OAI DP Migration To Do List

  • Get fresh copy of DeVincent database from Lilly (Jenn)
  • New/updated mappings (Jenn)
    • DeVincent DB2MODS in IN Harmony style
    • US Steel upgrade EAD2MODS to MODS 3.2 & add version
    • Cushman DB2MODS
      • fix subject authority problem
      • add version
      • upgrade to MODS 3.2
      • update IDs to new scheme
    • New Harmony EAD2MODS
    • New Harmony EAD2DC
  • Copy over oai_dc for Wright and VWWP from old OAI data provider
    • Fix character encoding problem - all ampersands were converted to & twice so you see things like
      & and ' 
      in the records (Muzo)
  • Talk to Jon about including Hoagy (Jenn)
  • Remove "archives" from Cushman ID schema (e.g. "archives/cushman/Pnnn) (Muzo)
  • Figure out how to define custom set relationships in PrOAI (Muzo)
  • Add a disseminator shorthand (similar to getMODS, add a getMARCXML method) for accessing MARC XML records stored in object METS (Muzo)
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