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Conceptual order of Processes

  1. Contributor Record Creation
    • Check V2 Database for duplicate
    • Query Authority File
    • Create Record and Map from Name Authority Record and/or MARC bib record (Mapping Document)
  2. Work Record Creation
  3. Container Record Creation
  4. Instantiation Record Creation (for those works created above)
    • Create Record and Map from Work Record and MARC bib record (Mapping Document )
    • Attach to Container Record
  5. Container Record Mapping (for those with no instantiations attached)
    • Map from MARC bib record (attach Contributors directly to container)(Mapping Document )

Mapping Table

Reports Needed

Report Number

Data sought

High-level question(s)


Contributors created without importing an authority record

What will contributor records created "from scratch" look like?


Works identified by algorithm

How has the logic of the algorithm improved over past iterations? What is the success rate for identifying true works?


Works created without importing an authority record

What will work records created "from scratch" look like?


Works with no contributors

How can these works be retrieved in a search? How well do they map from the MARC records? Is there any way to logically match contributors by other means?


Contianers with multiple instantiations generated from one V2 query

How effective is the logic used to create these instantiations? What is the success (accuracy) rate for matching instantiations to content based on a collective title "root" match?


Containers with no instantiations

How effective is the mapping process when there are no instantiations attached? How can these containers be retrieved in a search?

Selective vocabulary of collective titles (derived from report*)

List enhanced with selected terms from

Does not include arbitrary ranges/sets of specific works

List A - (Collective Titles) Automatically exclude...

  • Cantatas
  • Chamber music
  • Chansons 
  • Choral music
  • Electronic music 
  • Fantasien
  • Harpsichord music
  • Instrumental music
  • Lute music 
  • Keyboard music 
  • Madrigals 
  • Masses 
  • Motets
  • Musicals
  • Orchestra music 
  • Organ music
  • Overtures
  • Piano music 
  • Selections
  • Sinfoniettas
  • String quartet music
  • Symphonic poems 
  • Symphonies
  • Symphonies, string orchestra
  • Violin, harpsichord music 
  • Violin, piano music 
  • Violoncello, piano music
  • Vocal music
  • Works

List A1 - (Collective titles "white list") (see Instantiation Mapping document for explanation)

  • Cantatas
  • Fantasien
  • Madrigals
  • Motets
  • Overtures
  • Symphonies

List B - (Forms) - Exclude under the following circumstances:

  1. If no |m, |n, |p or |r -- Exclude
  2. If |m but no |n, |p or |r -- Exclude in Groups 2-4 if derived from a 240. Do not exclude and flag for human review if derived from 240 (in Group 1a) or from a 700 |t (in Groups 2-4).
  3. If |m and/or [|n, |p, |r] -- Do not exclude

  4. Note: if singular form (no "s" at end of word, unless one of the exceptions noted below *) -- Do not exclude


  • Adagios
  • Allegros
  • Allemandes
  • Anthems
  • Arias
  • Bagatelles
  • Ballades
  • Berceuses
  • Canons
  • Canzonas
  • Canzonettas
  • Caprices 
  • Cappricios
  • Cassations
  • Choruses
  • Concertinos
  • Concertos
  • Divertimenti*
  • Divertimentos
  • Duets
  • Elegies
  • Etudes
  • Fanfares
  • Fantasias
  • Fugues
  • Gavottes
  • Gigues
  • Hymns
  • Intermezzi*
  • Intermezzos
  • Largos
  • Lieder*
  • Marches
  • Melodies
  • Minuets
  • Nocturnes
  • Nonets
  • Octets
  • Odes
  • Partitas
  • Pavans
  • Pieces
  • Poems
  • Polkas
  • Polonaises
  • Preludes
  • Psalms
  • Quartets
  • Quintets
  • Rhapsodies
  • Romances
  • Rondos
  • Scherzos
  • Septets
  • Sextets
  • Sonatas
  • Sontinas
  • Songs 
  • Studies
  • Suites
  • Toccatas
  • Trio sonatas
  • Trios
  • Variations
  • Waltzes

* This text would be taken from |m. This could be disregarded when determining collective title status, unless |n and/or |p are present (thus meaning title is not collective)

** "Sonatas, violoncello, piano" may be a specific work title if composer wrote more than one sonata but only one for violoncello and piano. If the composer wrote more than one sonata for violoncello and piano, than this is a collective title. The same is true of concertos, suites, etc. Cannot yet devise a way around this ambiguity in uniform title nomenclature.

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