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File assetDefinition-v1.2a.xsd 4 kB Unknown User (rchave01) Apr 13, 2007 11:48
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Added enumerated values for type, action group name, action name, and parameter name  
Microsoft Word 97 Document assetActionGeneration.doc 44 kB Esha Datta Apr 18, 2008 14:46
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8 Jody's write-up on asset action generation. Focuses on default and basic image asset actions
PDF File Springforum.pdf 6.77 MB Katherine Kott Apr 18, 2008 13:40
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Summary poster for DLF Spring Forum BoF
Microsoft Word 97 Document ThumbGrabberAssetActions.doc 30 kB Tom Habing Mar 20, 2008 15:52
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This document describes the process of using the thumbnail generator for creating asset actions for the Aquifer Portal.
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