OAI Provider Migration Details
set namewant oai_dcwant modswant marcxmloai identifier schemenew metadata mappings needed other?
(ok to wait on adding this until we upgrade to the new version of Fedora)
Collections in old OAI provider
devincentx (re-generate using IN Harmony stylesheets)x (re-generate using IN Harmony stylesheets)update to oai:oai.dlib.indiana.edu:/lilly/devincent/[ID]upgrade old stylesheet generating MODS to support IN Harmony style MODS
starrx (use oai_dc generated from IN Harmony processing)x (use MODS generated from IN Harmony processing)update to oai:oai.dlib.indiana.edu:/lilly/starr/[ID]ask Jimadd marcxml for 512 records that came from marc?
hohenbergerxxupdate to oai:oai.dlib.indiana.edu:/lilly/hohenberger/[ID]
ussteelxxupdate to oai:oai.dlib.indiana.edu:/nw/cra/ussteel/CRA-42-112-038upgrade mods to 3.2
cushmanxxupdate to oai:oai.dlib.indiana.edu:/archives/cushman/[ID]upgrade mods to 3.2
wrightx (copy over from current dp)x (use aquifer marcxml->mods stylesheet)xupdate to: oai:oai.dlib.indiana.edu:/wright/[value from MARC 001]clean up oai_dc record character encoding error
vwwpx (copy over from current dp)x (use aquifer marcxml->mods stylesheet)xupdate to: oai:oai.dlib.indiana.edu:/vwwp/[value from MARC 001, without the last two letters]clean up oai_dc record character encoding error; remove last two letters from MARC 001 field to get the record id, e.g., ALM6551BB should become ALM6551
New collections to deliver via new OAI provider
slocumxxoai_dc, mods
newharmonyxxoai_dc, modsJenn will finish transformations and discuss with WMI staff
hoagy?Jenn will discuss with Jon