Note: The machine var3rhs, and schema prefix RHS are used below for naming, and would be modified as appropriate for a different test site.


Test Site Server Setup

Software Installation.

Firewall Configuration

If a firewall is in place, it is important that the following ports be left open:

IU DB2 User Account Creation

Get a DB2 user account id and password from Indiana University, and confirm that cataloging and production schemas have been set up.

Variations Administration User Account Creation

Variations Code Download

Download the Variations tar file from IU, and install its contents to /home/dmlserv.

Variations Modifications

Variations Build

Schema Setup

Access Manager Schema Setup

The setup of the access manager schema will need to be done on the test site server (which needs to have a copy of MySQL).

Access Groups Setup

Cron Job Setup

Several cron jobs need to be set up to get Variations to work.


  <Server rmiHost="" rmiPort="1099"
    <Library name="RHS">
      <SQLRepository type="DB2" >
        <!-- jdbc universal type 4 driver -->
          <Option name="RemoteUpdateIndexPort">49999</Option>
      <ContentRepository rmiHost=""

  <LeaseManager rmiHost="" rmiPort="1099"
    <!-- How long will a lease remain valid (in minutes)? -->


echo "Starting Variations3 servers"

# Go to the dmlserv account home directory
# (where Variations should have been installed)
cd /home/dmlserv

# Start the RMI (Remote Method Invocation) Registry
# This needs to be started first

# Start the user logging server that logs client messages
echo " "
echo "Starting"

# Start the audio lease manager - this needs to be started
# before the library application servers
dml/bin/ restart var3rhsAudioLeaseManager

# Start the Variations library application servers
# RHS_4 is the production server
# RHS_CAT2 is the cataloging server
dml/bin/ restart RHS_4
dml/bin/ restart RHS_CAT2