I am using this space to reorganize the Checklist requirements into meaningful categories (policies/documentation, staffing, workflow, technical infrastructure). The next step will be to determine which of the requirements we currently meet and which we need to focus on.

To do


Reviews/Certification/Ongoing Documentation (Stacy and Jon/Infrastructure meeting)

Business Planning (Stacy and Jon)


Depositors (Michelle and Stacy)

Designated Community (infrastructure meeting)

Minimum Metadata

Technical Workflow Policies (Jon and Stacy)

Preservation Policies/ Documentation (Ryan)

Disaster/Loss Policies (Ryan working on it)

Technical Infrastructure

Access Rights (Ryan)

Ingest/Submission (Ryan and Muzzo)

Dissemination (Ryan and Muzzo)

Data Integrity (Ryan)

Look for standards or reccommendations on integrity checking - frequency. (Checksums)
How much integrity checking we will do will determine what kind of performance we need out of HPSS.
Can we get disaster recovery information out of HPSS?

Preservation/ Security

Hardware and Software

Ongoing Analysis/Monitoring/Testing (Ryan)


Ongoing Planning/ Reporting (Jon and Stacy)

Designated Community (Stacy)

Ongoing Testing/ Review/ Certification

Preservation/ Migration/ Security

User Interaction


Need to document the core competencies we need and then be able to show that we have appropriate staff (Jon and Stacy)