Administrator's Guide - Logging



Logging is done by Variations on the server for server startup, individual servers running, user interface actions, and scripts. Client logging is done either to a file or the console. Statistics scripts additionally use log files from Darwin Streaming Server.


Most configuration of logging done by the Variations servers can be configured in files located in conf/server/logging. Generally all that should be changed is the name of the output log file. Currently, statistics scripts depend on the user interface logs being in the default format. Client logging configuration can be done in client_console.lcf and client_file.lcf.

Log Files

Variations log files are stored in the log directory under the the directory where Variations was installed (typically /home/dmlserv/log).

Log File



Log messages for the Variations lease manager server


Log messages for the Variations cataloging library application server


Log messages for the Variations production library application server