What is IUScholarWorks?

IUScholarWorks is a set of services from the Indiana University Libraries and UITS to make the work of IU scholars freely available and ensure that these resources are preserved and organized for the future. The components of IUScholarWorks provide complementary services and support for you to share your work and advance your discipline online.

IUScholarWorks Repository allows IU departments, institutes, centers and research units to easily make their scholarly materials openly available on the web, centrally archived and preserved for  long-term preservation. IUSW Repository is built on DSpace repository software.

IUScholarWorks Journals supports the electronic publication of journals, offering a low-cost solution to administrative and publishing functions of managing a journal. IUSW Journals is built on Open Journal Systems journal management software.

Repository Services

If you have the following types of materials, we can probably help make them open access. Click for more information (or contact us: iusw@indiana.edu):

Journal services


The official site for IUScholarWorks services is https://scholarworks.iu.edu

Learn more about institutional repositories and scholarly communication

Education & Marketing

Altmetric.com integration in IUScholarWorks DSpace

Installing Sufia from scratch

Internal Wiki (password required)

Hydra vision statements (restricted access)

Data Services Assessment (restricted access)

Research Data Management Orientation / Transition Plan - Stacy (restricted access)