Known Problems - 5.0.1

Playlist menu separators on File and Bookmarks menus don't share playlist background color on Windows.

This is due to a bug in the JRE that is included in the Variations client. There is no current plan to provide a workaround.
See the entry in Java Bug Database for more information:

Container title in tabs 2-5 of the Edit Container window is not displayed correctly.

In the edit container window of the cataloging UI, on all tabs except the description tab, there is a line displaying the container title directly beneath the container ID at the top of the pane. This line doesn't use a Unicode font and thus displays incorrectly.

This is planned to be fixed in the next version of Variations.

Quicktime 7.2 causes the Variations client not to start on PowerPC Mac

This is the result of a bad update process for Quicktime 7.2. This can be fixed by downloading the Quicktime 7.2 update from Apple's website ( and rerunning the update.

Quicktime 7.2 causes the Variations client not to stream music on Windows

This problem should not happen with Variations 5.0.2, but will happen with earlier versions of Variations. This can be fixed by editing Variations/JRE/lib/security/java.policy file to look like the following:

grant {


    // Allows any thread to stop itself using the java.lang.Thread.stop()

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