Building the Client Installer

How to configure the installers for the installation of the Variations client



After making the appropriate changes to the Variations client configuration files in the previous step. You can now configure the installer for the installation of the Variation's Client

For Windows, NSIS can be used to build installers for end user clients and for digitizer clients. Mac OSX clients are packaged into a .dmg file through Disk Utility. Only end user clients are supported at the moment for Mac OSX.

A technical description of the steps taken by the default NSIS Windows installer and uninstaller can be used for creating an alternative installer using another installer technology.

Create Config / Build Environment



The Mac installation's disk image will need to be created on the Mac OS using the Disk Utility.

Configure Installer




Modification Instructions

Also make sure to modify Eula.rtf to reflect the policies of your institution.

See for more information to make broader changes to the installer.


Review the terms of use and installation instructions that accompany the Mac client files to verify that the information is correct for your institution.

Build Installer



Creation Instructions

The compiled installers should be created in the directory that contains the nsi scripts.

Installer files


The Mac client should now be turned into a disk image (DMG) for distribution to other machines.

Make sure that you have any anti-virus software turned off while creating the disk image.

Creation Instructions

Next Steps

You have now successfully created the client installer. Next try installing and running the client. There should already be music files loaded into the system to test the streaming and access capabilities.

For an overview of the windows installer see the information below.

Current Windows Installer Overview

The default installer script for end user clients, setup.nsi, builds an installer which does the following:

The default installer script for digitizer clients, digitizer-setup.nsi, builds an installer similar to the end user client installer except that the installation does the following in addition:

The uninstaller generated as part of the installation does the following cleanup steps when run: